Near Saverne

Hiking near the town :
  • Botanic garden of Saverne (40 minutes)
  • Castel ruin Haut-Barr : offers a mind-blowing sight over the plain of Alsace and until the Black Forest ; gourmet restaurant.
  • Grotte Saint-Vit : cave in the mountain that was converted to a chapel; the area features a nice garden ; close by : ruin of Greiffenstein castle.
  • Mont Saint-Michel (1h20), chapel above St-Jean-Saverne (village with an exceptional romanesque church). This ancient pilgrimage is also a station of a archeological circuit about pre-Christian civilisation
Biking :

Along the Rhine-Marne canal either westwards into the Vosges valley or eastwards on the Alsace plain towards Strasbourg. Bicycles can be rented in Saverne.

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Chateau du Haut Barr
saint michel de saverne